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Hotel Lumières Montmartre Paris

Publié par le Wednesday 03 December 2014 à 23:00

Staff are knowledgable and friendly. Area looks a bit rough but no problems with the area at all. Breakfast is a great deal.  This hotel is close to the 95 bus that takes you to the Louvre. Wow, great deal for 2Euro. 

Saturday check out the outdoor market and the street nearby. Great selection and great tourist attraction. 

Walking distance to Sacre Cour.


I recommend this hotel as great value and friendly staff.

Publié par le Tuesday 16 September 2014 à 01:26

I booked 4 days for a birthday present for my husband and I, and we loved it. Stylish rooms, friendly staff and a wonderful selection of fresh food for breakfast. Great location, walking distance to Saccre Coeur, metro that takes you quickly into the heart of Paris and lots of bars and restaurants close by. Would definitely recommend this good value hotel.

Publié par le Tuesday 12 August 2014 à 11:44
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Hotel Lumières Montmartre Paris ***

110, rue Damrémont 75018 Paris
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